Zumm Zumm

Has Zumm Zumm decided to take a stand to be an articulate, educated, crazy thing with a brand new, red, full-sized moral leadership that has been enriched by the world'­s biggest theory yet to be proven all over the place? Recording these songs arenít they glad they didn't die? They drowned. Though nothing has really changed. They know how nothing is the same. It'­s just all been rearranged. They take all the guess work out of crass, really red, fugs and folk punk and they give it to you with a side of piss and vinegar. Here they are: The biggest truck driver you ever heard of, plowing his way through the White House correspondent'­s dinner, who now calls himself Theo. The ultimate fighting champion, a lawyer from Chicago, your neighbor from upstairs, fifteen-dollar drummer, Dain, who enjoys playing with Mr. Potatohead in Candyland. Playin with Dain nearly put my neighbor's son in the hospital, accusing him of selling a stunning fusion of rock, funk, and r&b to an undercover officer in a hotel. Officials say that the room was littered with afro wigs. And Jared, see how he takes this stick of dynamite in his left hand and he takes a match in his right hand and then he attracts attention. Who'­s the guitar player, who'­s the victim? There's lots of room here. But not without a laugh. Yesterday is gone. The man who sold the world is on sale. And now it is your journey. Make it a farce.