In Occasionem

A recurring image in the emblem books

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Here is the image titled "In Occasionem" from the 1531 Augsburg edition of Alciat's emblem book.

I am a captured moment of time. I stand on a ball constantly turning.

I have wings on my feet and a razor in my hand.

You may grasp me by the lock of hair on my forehead

but the back of my head is shaved, so that once I take my leave,

I cannot be held.

Here is the same image from the Paris edition of 1534.

And "In Occasionem" from the Padua edition of 1621.

The English Emblematists

There were many other Emblem Books created in various countries in Europe and often they contained similar images.Here is "In Occasionem" from "A Choice of Emblems" (1586) by Geoffrey Whitney, which was the first emblem book printed in England.

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and this image again by George Wither, another English emblematist, printed in 1634.

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