Whiskey Sunrise

Whiskey Sunrise is the recording project of local artist Stacey-Marie. Her songs have a dream like stream of consciousness quality to them with a lo-fi sound, which is self described as "Twee-folk." This is mostly a solo project with friends accompanying her as needed. Her album: rêvenant is definitely worth a listen and can be found on bandcamp.

Like Totally!

Like Totally! sings positive and upbeat pop songs custom made for kids of all ages (including adults). Like Totally! aims to bring out the inner child in everyone! The band was formed in 2006 by Whitney Evick, Jenny Woodward, Jared Schwartz, Nathan Evick, and Danny Gorbachov. There new album "Good Mews" is out mid January and you can buy it on or at wuxtry

The Gypsinettes

This New 60's inspired 'girl group' just Recorded this new single earlier in 2012 at GYPSY FARM. Vocals by The Gypsinettes, musical arrangement by Zeke Sayer and The Ice Creams. They have plans to release a 7" later this year, keep an ear out y'all.

The Desired Consistency

This is the solo recording project of local musician Nate Mitchell, of Cars Can Be Blue. Nate's Project is lo-fi, interesting garage rock , and definitely worth a listen.

The Warm Fuzzies

The Warm Fuzzies are loud and fun. They write and play compact powerpop songs about dancing, summertime, and generally staying young while getting older. But mostly about dancing and summertime. Since forming in 2008, the Warm Fuzzies have released a six song EP (Bubblegum EP / 2008) and in 2010 they released ten new songs in monthly increments with a project called 'Fuzz of the Month'.

The Fuzzlers

The Fuzzlers were born from test tubes in the laboratory of the evil Professor Scientist. These fuzzy little freaks were not content with their lives of servitude so they broke free from their chains and escaped the clutches of the madman who held them. Now they are on an unending quest for fun but Dr. Scientist is always one step behind to throw his foil around. This band is fast and goofy.

Crun Pun

Crun Pun is an attention deficit punk-ish goof outfit. Songs about traveling and the end of the world aren't the only focus of this 4-piece band of weirdies. Is it accessible? Who cares. Is it fun? Maybe. Chris Ingham and Dain Marx share song writing and vocals with Patrick Goral on drums. Brian Veysey adds icing to the sound with horns and keyboards.

Titans Of Filth

Titans Of Filth formed as a band in Athens,Ga in 2005, before that Titans of Filth was the solo recording project of the bands songwriter, and front person: Sam Grindstaff. Titans Of Filth's first album was recorded in the "lonely summer of 2002" up in the blue ridge mountains of North Georgia. The Band has 7 albums to date and they don't show any plans of stopping.

El Hollin

whimsical indie folk-rock band El Hollin, Athens band since 2010, has two full length albums to date. The group is fronted by singer/song writer Dena Zilber, who is backed by her multi-instrumentalist friends. Be sure to check out their new album Pleasure-Puncher on bandcamp.

Helen Scott

New local girl group Helen Scott: Four ladies playing dark pop tinged with psychedelia. They have an album up on band camp, check it out.


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