All City CannonBallers

"All your dreams will come true. All my dreams came true but now... I have a bunch of other dreams. ALL CITY CANNONBALLERS are a high-energy, danceable, southern punk rock n roll band comprised of, drummer, Dereck Olivera (Manray), Bassist, Charlie Estes (Hamm 1, Dark Meat) and J. S. Dillard (ex-Honey) on vocals and guitar. Electric, fast and sexy, ALL CITY Rock n Roll causes the rapture on the dance floor. "

Piss Palace Lounge Trio

THE PISS PALACE LOUNGE TRIO is a 2-piece noise band from Athens, GA. Michael Lauden - Drums & Vocals. Arthur Lowrance - 6 String Bass & Vocals. xxRIPxx!

Katër Mass

Punk band featuring Andrew Epstein, Tim Gill, Nick Gill, and Phil Lewin. When asked to tell us a little bit about themselves this is what the had to say: "We enjoy dinners at Nico's as well as on his tab.

Ye Olde Sub Shoppe

Local quartet Ye Olde Sub Shoppe plays fun ukulele driven pop-folk songs. They are currently working on recording an album, keep your ears open for when it comes out. Ye olde Sub Shoppe is comprised of local musicians: Chris Ingham, Jason Granfield, Jeff Morris, and Lindsay Jane Haddad.


Werewolves is a band from Athens, Ga comprised of a bunch of friends. The group is lead by singer/songwriter/banjo player Wyatt Strother. They've got a new album "Georgia" up on bandcamp that y'all should check out.


Chelsea Lea, author of the long time running comic/zine Pipe Bomb, fronts this gnarly classic punk band with an edgy twist. Her band features members of Landlord, Cold Ones and Zumm Zumm. This band puts on a high energy live set, packed with dynamic rhythm and riffage, as well as, mic swinging, high kicks and screaming. Check out their album "After Dark" on Bandcamp.


Gripe started out as a 3 piece hardcore band heavily influenced by grindcore, powerviolence, and fastcore.They have now added a bassist and a new singer and forged ahead with a genre defying hate ridden take on grind and pv. They originally formed in late 2010 in Athens Ga, Gripe play a very heavy, dark, and discordant take on hardcore. Their lyrics tend to focus on negativity and paranoia.

Triangle Fire

Triangle Fire is a 4 piece band from Athens, Ga & Greenville, SC. They play an assortment of punk, crust, ska, metal, hardcore, & more.... They have only been a band since the summer of 2011 & they are about to release a 7inch & 4 splits before the end of 2012. To keep posted on their music & adventures, go to reverbnation or find them on Facebook.

Shaved Christ

Local punk band Shaved Christ formed in 2010, they have some releases up on bandcamp you should check out. This straight forward punk band features members from: Witches, American Cheeseburger, Cop Dope, Hot New Mexicans and Bold Slug. The band plays fast paced songs about: things that suck, make you feel bad, angry or awkward.


Athens band featuring Andre Ducote, Ashley Floyd, Austin Williams and Bryson Blumenstock. They play dynamical rhythmically driven tunes featuring dreamy vocals, with rocking guitar and bass along with some rad auxiliary instrumentation.


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