1. Whatever 'n' forever- Bubbly Mommy Gun
  2. The Dick Move- The Visitations
  3. As Good as it Seems- Ginger Envelope
  1. Most Precious Child- Dead Dog
  2. The Floating World- Grape Soda
  1. Demographic Disaster- Taterzandra
  2. Picture of You- All City CannonBallers
  3. Excessive Debt to Income Ratio- Kater Mass
  4. May 4th- Piss Palace Lounge Trio
  1. Yellow-Ye Olde Sub Shoppe
  2. Going Nowhere- Helen Scott
  1. Organic Organ- Werewolves
  2. Bats- El Hollin
  3. I'm A Hospital- Werewolves
  4. Grumpos- El Hollin
  1. City- Gnarx
  2. War is business- Gripe
  3. Bury It- Shaved Christ
  4. Bombs, Tear gas, and Cocaine- Triangle Fire
  1. Boycycle- Afternoon Playset
  1. Call Me in The Morning
  1. Liquor Kitty- Mouser
  2. Sink or Sell- Wade Boggs
  3. Exhausted Scenarios- Titans of Filth
  4. Whiskey in Yer Mouth- C.W.O.H.L.
  1. Connections- The New Sound of Numbers
  2. Peace Disco- Supercluster
  3. Sharp - Casper & the Cookies
  4. Galaxy Day - Noogeez


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