Songs by Robert Burns

Bob Hay & the Jolly Beggars song book

As I was a wand'rin

   D       A        D        A
As I was a wand'rin ae midsummer e'enin
    Bm         F#m              G     A     D        
The pipers and youngsters were makin their game.
  D          A        D            A
Amang them I spy-ed my faithless fause luver,
       Bm          F#          G      A  D
Which bled a' the wounds o' my sorrow again.
           Bm           F#m
	Weel, since ye hae left me
           Bm         F#m
	May pleasure gae wi' thee
         Bm        F#m            G     A  D
	I may be distress'd, but I winna complain
           Bm          F#m
	I flatter my fancy
          Bm       F#m
	I may get anither
          Bm             F#m       G     A   D
	My heart it shall never be broken again.

I could na get sleepin till dawin for weepin;
The tears trickl'd down like the hail and the rain:
Had I na got weepin, my heart wad a broken,
For Oh, luve forsaken's a tormenting pain!

Although ye hae left me for greed o' the siller,
I dinna envy the gains ye can see:
I rather wad bear a' the lade o' my sorrow,
Than ever hae acted sae faithless to thee.

fause = false
winna - will not
siller = silver
dinna = do not
lade = load

Arrangement © 2009 Bob Hay (BMI). All Rights Reserved.