Songs by Robert Burns

Bob Hay & the Jolly Beggars song book

Lady Onlie honest lucky

Lady Onlie, honest lucky

   C            Am                
A' the lads o' Thornie-bank
      C               Am
When they gae to the shore o' Bucky
         C                Am 
They'll step right up and tak a pint
     C           F      G
Wi' Lady Onlie, honest lucky
    C            F      G
	Lady Onlie, honest lucky,
     C                 F       G
	Brews gude ale at shore o' Bucky;
      C                 Am 
	I wish her sale for her gude ale,
         C             F        G
	The best on a' the shore o' Bucky.

     C                 Am
Her house sae bien, her curch sae claen
   C            Am
I wat she is a dainty Chuckie!
     C                Am
And cheery blinks the ingle gleede
    C           F      G
O' Lady Onlie, honest lucky.

We lap and danc'd the lee-lang day,
Till piper lads were wae and weary.
As day was dawin in the sky,
We drank a health to bonie Mary.

bien = good
curch = scarf
ingle gleede = hearth fire

Arrangement © 2006 Bob Hay (BMI). All Rights Reserved.