Songs by Robert Burns

Bob Hay & the Jolly Beggars song book

Meg o' the Mill

   G            Em         C        D  
O, ken ye what Meg o' the Mill has gotten?
   G            Em         C        D  
An' ken ye what Meg o' the Mill has gotten?
      Am         Em        Am
She's gotten a coof wi' a claut o' siller,
     G          Em           C       D
And broken the heart of the barley miller!

The miller was strappin, the Miller was ruddy;
A heart like a lord, and a hue like a lady;
The Laird was a widdifu', bleerit knurl;
She's left the gude-fallow and ta'en the churl.

The miller he hecht her, a heart leal and luving,
The Laird did address her wi' matter mair muving,
A fine pacing horse wi' a clear chainet bridle,
A whip by her side, and a bonny side-saddle.

O wae on the siller, it is sae prevailing,
And wae on the luve that's fix'd on a mailin!
A tocher's nae word in a true lover's parle,
But, gie me my luve and a fig on the warl.

ken = know, see
coof = fool
siller = silver
mailin = inheirited land
tocher = dowry
parle = language

Arrangement © 2005 Bob Hay (BMI). All Rights Reserved.