Songs by Robert Burns

Bob Hay & the Jolly Beggars song book

The Ploughman

Traditional. Collected by Robert Burns.

     D                G    A
The Ploughman he's a bony lad,

     D            G    A
His mind is ever true, jo,

     Bm            F#m
His garters knit below his knee,

     G      A     D
His bonnet it is blue, jo.

     D                G       A
Then up wi't a', my Ploughman lad,
     D               G    A
And hey, my merry Ploughman;
   Bm               F#m
Of a'the trades that I do ken,
   G         A      D
Commend me to the Ploughman.

My Ploughman he comes hame at e'en,
He's aften wat and weary:
Cast off the wat, put on the dry,
And gae to bed, my Dearie.

I hae been east, I hae been west,
I hae been at Saint Johnston,
The boniest sight that e'er I saw
Was th' Ploughman laddie dancin.

Snaw-white stockings on his legs,
And siller buckles glancin;
A gude blue bannet on his head,
And O but he was handsome!

I will wash my Ploughman's hose,
And I will dress his o'erlay;
I will mak my Ploughman's bed,
And cheer him late and early.

Arrangement © 2009 Bob Hay (BMI). All Rights Reserved.