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We're running a 48-track Pro Tools system featuring multiple plug-ins as well as a host of high quality outboard gear and microphones including: Avalon 737sp tube microphone pre amps, 8-channels of Mackie pre amps, Neumann U87 microphone, Stereo Neumann km-184's, Ampeg SVT tube bass pre amp, and a Studer 1/4 inch mastering deck for analog mix down availible upon request. We also have a wide variety of guitar and bass amplifiers and an in-house drum kit.

Starratt Studios sits on five acres of land in Watkinsville, fifteen minutes from the famed music town of Athens, GA. Long-time resident Ken Starratt and his son, Jorma Starratt, together have been active in the Athens music scene for three decades, so it was no surprise when, in 2005, they formulated a plan to build a music studio. Ken and Jorma forged the studio from the ground up. Both were heavily immersed in the construction of the studio, from the inception of the floor plan to every last finger splinter. They shied away from contracting out labor and instead enlisted help from long-time friends, including Hano Leathers, Luke Ferguson, Phin Spalding, Pete Dandelous and Herb and Skills member Demun Jones.

Construction on the studio was completed in January 2006, and is now open to the public. Our projects thus far this year have run the gamut from Hip Hop/R & B to Rock to Acoustic instruments. Our in-house engineers are Jorma Starratt, Peter Fancher and Hano Leathers . Our credits include Ishues, Herb and Skills, Dubconscious, Rehab, Kozmoz,The Glands, Mother Jackson, Bo Freeze, Sci-Fu, Revival. More credits upon request.