Titans Of Filth

Titans Of Filth formed as a band in Athens,Ga in 2005, before that Titans of Filth was the solo recording project of the bands songwriter, and front person: Sam Grindstaff. Titans Of Filth's first album was recorded in the "lonely summer of 2002" up in the blue ridge mountains of North Georgia. The Band has 7 albums to date and they don't show any plans of stopping. They just released a new album in December (2011) titled: "Serf City" that you should all check out on bandcamp. Their band bio on myspace music is a poem that I thought was funny yet, summed up the band pretty well: "There once was a band named Titans, if you have a party, invite 'em. Their songs are all bleak. Their bodies are weak. Their talents are all set to frighten." Update: They Have a new Album called " Go Rebels" y'all should check out on Band Camp.