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Focus Group

One of the most cost-effective ways to mine for information and feedback prior to jury selection is to conduct one or more focus groups. They provide a venue to present alternate theories of the case, prospective exhibits, and potentially troubling evidence in a controlled environment. Focus groups also give the attorney an opportunity to discuss the case with people who are demographically similar to the upcoming jury.

Mock Trial

A mock trial simulates the courtroom atmosphere, with a judge, prosecutor and defense attorney. One great benefit of the mock trial is that attorneys get to practice the actual arguments and presentations that they will be making in court. Although both mock jurors and focus group members are debriefed at the end of the day, the mock trial is a more formal, comprehensive exercise.

Voir Dire Training

One of the main purposes in hiring a trial consultant is so that the attorney may learn new ways to communicate more effectively with the jury. Voir dire training allows the trial consultant to critique the attorney's performance, and lets the mock jurors add their impressions. Additionally, in states where voir dire is normally limited, it gives the capital attorney an opportunity to rehearse before the upcoming trial.

Preparing the Client

Especially before a stressful, high-stakes trial, it is advisable to prepare the client for the approaching experience. Preparation may range from teaching the client relaxation techniques to giving him or her reading materials, like Maureen McLaughlin's The Craft and Art of Voir Dire. Advance preparation promotes the client's confidence in his or her ability to participate in the trial, and encourages a sense of team identity.

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