Wade Boggs

Athens rock group fronted by song writer Ian McCord, long time Athens musicians probably best know from bands such as Carrie Nations, Hot New Mexicans and his solo recording project Welcome Home Nemo. This band has had a rotating cast and a few name changes including Pillowfort and Shitty Darkness. On the most recent recordings Ian is energetically backed by members of Daffodil and I.T.S.B.

Christopher Without His Liver

C.W.O.H.L. is the solo/recording project of multi-instrumentalist and singer songwriter Christopher Ingham, a silly, silly boy living in Athens, GA. Chris' musical range is diverse, playing in many Athens bands over the years including Ye Olde Sub Shoppe, Liverty, Cold Ones, Crun Pun, Gnarx and Colostomy Bag.

The Ice Creams

The Ice Creams began as a recording project of Zeke Sayer (of The Humms, Shoal Creek Stranglers) in November 2008. The term "Scooby Punk" was coined to describe the band. Among the tracks of these first sessions, "Call Me In The Morning" was recorded and then the project was put on hold until 2012 when the ghostly "group" was revived with new songs for an upcoming release through Sayer's label, Gypsy Farm Records.

Casper and The Cookies

Experimental power pop rockers Casper & the Cookies are an Athens,Ga band with 3 full length albums to date on Happy Happy Birthday To Me Records. They were recently named one of Thirty great Athens Bands by Paste Magazine.


Athens pop band the Noogeez might best be described as "a musical collective dedicated to producing kid-friendly music and videos." Their Music video for the song "Kathy" won the 2007 Sprockets Audience Choice Award. Also their 2008 music video for the song "Elephant Radio" took 3rd place in the Sprockets Music Video contest.

The New Sound Of Numbers

The New Sound Of numbers is presently working on a new album!!! This experimental/pop/post-punk band fronted by visual, and audio artist Hannah Jones features enchanting beats both vocal and percussive. The Group formed in 2005 in Athens, GA and has since had a revolving cast of talented musicians.

Green Thrift Grocery

Someone once daydreamed about having a grocery store in Athens where "boosting walkability was part of the mission". In an alternate universe somewhere, Athens got that grocery store on the southeastern corner of the intersection of Dubose Av. and Chase St., but in this universe, Athens got Green Thrift Grocery the band.


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