Long time Athens Band with psychedelic, jazz, pop, and anti-folk tendencies. Founded by singer-song writer Colby Carter. Mouser like many other Athens bands has had over the years a rotating cast of talented members. They've got an entrancing sound filled with rich horns, melodic voices, and wild rhythmic guitar and percussion sounds. They have a great album on bandcamp called "Storm Dumps". Check it out!


Supercluster has a new single slated to be released in the late spring of this of 2012!! (That's soon.) The band has a sound that is best described as "Appalachian Wave," a combination of electric and acoustic sounds, with a fusion of bluegrass, European folk, Krautrock, and new wave. The band formed in the spring of 2007 as a recording project, but soon evolved into a full blown 8-12 piece band that played live.

Zumm Zumm

Has Zumm Zumm decided to take a stand to be an articulate, educated, crazy thing with a brand new, red, full-sized moral leadership that has been enriched by the world'­s biggest theory yet to be proven all over the place? Recording these songs arenít they glad they didn't die? They drowned. Though nothing has really changed. They know how nothing is the same. It'­s just all been rearranged.

Thom Strickland

Thom Strickland (of Smoke Dog and Black Moon) plays low fi garage rock driven by reverb vocals . You will usually see him playing alone performing the amazing feat of Playing Guitar, drums and singing at the same time.

The Visitations

Long time electro-folk band fronted by song writer Davey Wrathgabar, formerly of Fable Factory, backed by a rotating cast of talented musicians. The Visitations have a versatile sound with a sense of humor. they have three albums out to date.

Bubbly Mommy Gun

well-greased locomotive of myriad-melody, bubbly mommy gun lasso's some smart good vibes out of the increasing strangeness of the day to day with funky grooves courtesy of Mercer West (Bass) and Joe Kubler (Drums/Electro Drums), the ecstatic slip-n-slides of Greg O'Connell (Synths/Guitar/Vocals) and Charlie Key (Guitar/Vocals), and witty interjections from the likes of Aaron Gentry (Synths), Jeff Tobias (Sax), and An

Ginger Envelope

The Ginger Envelope is the primary melodic vehicle for Athens, GA songwriter Patrick Carey, which over the years has evolved significantly from the early stages of the band that produced two records: the lush debut Edible Orchids, and the stripped down and rustic Invitation Air...

Grape Soda

Grape Soda has its priorities straight: paying close attention to hooks, emotion, and spirit, the art-pop duo of brothers Mat Lewis (keys, vocals) and Ryan Lewis (drums) keep the songs on their debut LP Form a Sign neatly lean.

Dead Dog

"Dead Dog is a freaky-deeky punk band from Athens Ga. We like feedback-guitar freak-outs, blown-out girl-vocals, amps cranked too loud in the basement, awkward pauses, trading beer at the merch table, songs about our moms and Disappointment Rock. We have a van fueled by an unfulfilled need to party with strangers so get in touch and make our dreams come true. luv, -Dead Dog"


Taterzandra is a local four piece since spring of 2011, this post-post-punk band is fronted by McKenna Mackie (polemic), joined by friends Jon Crandall, Matt Tamisin, and Wade Gunter .


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